Thursday, 25 January 2018

Transnational meeting in Slovakia- Erasmus + Brotherhood in Slovakia


Journey  from Madrid to Nové Zámky , 
Greek, Polish, Slovak , Spanish and Romanian  team members met in Nové Zámky this day.


We visited the National Bank of Slovakia accompanied by some slovak erasmus + students in the morning.

Several matters were explained during this visit:
-          When Slovakia joined European Union and the timeline of this proccess
-          Samples of counterfeiting euro banknotes
-          Coins and banknotes specifications .

Later on, we enjoyed typical dishes of the country.
Afterwards, we were sightseeing the interesting city of Bratislava.


We were welcomed officially by the Slovak team and the mayor of Nové Zámky.
After we were shown the facilities, we spent the whole afternoon discussing the details and activities of our common project.


English corner

Farewell dinner

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Visiting the exhibition about history of money. Poland

Children from Poland (Erasmus Team) visiting the bank on december 2017.

It was the first step to the world of finances for the most of kids. 
The kids learned the main bank services like: saving, investing and granting of credits. 
The bank guide showed them some of the banking positions and sections. 
The children learned how important is smart managing of money, the planing of expences, the saving and responsible taking out the loan. So it was really great financal education for our pupils. 
The kids visited also the exhibition of history of money at ethnographic museum. 
They took a lot of photos...

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Commemorative and collection coins. Some questions

Some questions have raised among our students about this matter. 

Here come the answers...

Q1: Can commemorative coins be used as legal tender currency ?

A1: Absolutely, although it does not make any sense. Furthermore, these coins can be used in any other euro country.

 Q2: Let´s suppose a  collection coin which has  a face value of 30 € but with a price of 42 €. Can I buy everyday stuff with that coin? What is its real value?

A2: Initially , these coins can only be used in the emmitting country although shops are not committed to admit them. In the case a shop accepts a coin of this kind, its value would be equal to its face value

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

From the mine to the mint.

A short documentary by the National Archeological Museum of Spain.
( English subtitles )

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Legal notice

Legal terms


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We will show all sorts of actions related to our project.

Welcome !

We’ve successfully finished one of the first required tasks for the Erasmus+ project. We’ve created a blog, where we’ll add:
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